Overall goal: To give skills and knowledge of developing a comprehensive and winning proposal

Teaching Methods:

  • Participatory
    Group work

General View:

This practical course designed to teach the attendees how to write a winning proposal. Winning proposals are persuasive and interesting but easy to read. They demonstrate clear objectives, specific periods, reasonable budget requests, and doable deliverables.

Through the proposal writing training course, WGA offers your organization an access to our experienced proposal writer who will teach your staff the key proposal writing techniques needed to develop a fully compliant and winning proposal.

Winning a grant is not only about writing a good proposal. Proposal writing is one stage of a process including planning, research, building networks, and outreach to potential funders. As difficult as it is to seek for money, it is also difficult to trust an organization to donate the money one made through hard work.

This proposal-writing course will help you understand the concerns of potential funders and try to address their concerns in your proposals.

Targeted Audience:

  • – Proposal contributors and coordinators,
    – Marketing and sales teams,
    – Business development teams,
    – Key account and bid managers,
    – Grants writers,
    – Grants directors and managers,
    – Entrepreneurs and startups.
    – CBOs
    – NGOs


 Training Outlines:

1- Module One: Getting Started

  • – Workshop Objectives
    – Pre-Assignment Review

2- Module Two: Understanding Proposals

  • – What is a Proposal?
    – The Proposal Writing Process
    – Types of Proposals
    – About Requests for Proposals

3- Module Three: Beginning the Proposal Writing Process

  • – Identifying Your Purpose and Your Audience
    – Performing a Needs Analysis
    – Writing the Goal Statement

4- Module Four: Preparing an Outline

  • – A General Format
    – Special Sections
    – Creating a Framework
    – Getting Down to Details

5- Module Five: Finding Facts

  • – Identifying Resources
    – Using the Internet as a Resource
    – Organizing Your Information

6- Module Six: Writing Skills (I)

  • – Spelling and Grammar
    – Working with Words
    – Constructing Sentences
    – Persuasive Writing
    – Mastering Voice

7- Module Seven: Writing Skills (II)

  • – Creating Paragraphs
    – Creating Strong Transitions
    – Building to Conclusions

8- Module Eight: Writing the Proposal

  • – Educating the Evaluator
    – Ghosting the Competition
    – Using Illustrations

9- Module Nine: Checking for Readability

  • – Checking for Clarity
    – Reading for Your Audience
    – Using the Readability Index

10- Module Ten: Proofreading and Editing

  • – Proofreading Like a Pro
    – Editing Techniques
    – Checking the Facts
    – The Power of Peer Review

11- Module Eleven: Adding the Final Touches

  • – Our Top Typesetting Tips
    – Achieving a Professional Look and Feel
    – Creating the Final Package

12- Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

  • – Words from the Wise

Training Agenda:

Total hours: 20 training hours.

: Training Days –

 Monday 18/3/2019
19/3/2019 Tuesday
20/3/2019 Wednesday
21/3/2019 Thursday

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